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What was life like on a cattle drive?

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There were many challenges and roles to be filled in making a cattle drive successful. The web sites below will guide you in researching the Internet for useful information concerning real Texas cattle drives.

Cattle Trailing
    •Cattle Trailing
Cattle Trailing was the principal method of getting cattle to market in the late nineteenth century.
    •Cattle Drives
Cattle have been raised in Texas from the the time the Spanish attempted to establish missions and domesticate the Indians, beginning in the mid-18th century.
    •Texas Cattle Trails
Maps and timeline of Texas cattle trailing.
    •Early Cattle Trails
Much of the way we are is the result of the way things were. Read about the long tradition of the cattle drive to move cattle from Texas to the railroad yards.
    •Cattle Driving
A diagram showing a typical cattle drive formation.
Chisolm Trail
    •Texas Chisolm Trail
Texans used the Chisolm Trail exclusively until Dodge City became the preeminent destination of Texas drovers.
    •Chisholm Trail Information
With the end of the War, cattlemen needed a new rote to market their cattle.
Goodnight-Loving Trail
    •Goodnight-Loving Trail
The Goodnight -Loving Trail ran from Young County, Texas on north to Colorado.
    •The Story of Oliver Loving and the Goodnight-Loving Trail
How it all began.
    •Trail Drives
Trail drives involved herding cattle from a range direct to market; from a range to a railhead for rail transport to market or from one range to another for better grazing.
Shawnee Trail
    •Shawnee Trail
Of the principal trails by which Texas longhorn cattle were taken afoot to the north, the earliest and eastern most was rhe Shawnee Trail.
Western Trail
    •Western Trail
The Western Trail, also known as the Dodge City Trail, was blazed in 1874 by cattle-drover John T. Lytl.
    •The Western Trail
Western trail drive began in Bandera, Texas and ended in Dodge City, Kansas.

|  Cattle Trailing  |  Chisolm Trail  |  Goodnight-Loving Trail  |  Roles  |  Shawnee Trail  |  Western Trail  |

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