The Changing Seasons

What does you favorite season look like?

Created by,
Ramonetta Holt
Ashley Maxey
Donita Edgell

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Bray, Barbara. Barn and Silo. barn-silo.jpg. 2004. My eCoach® eLibrary. Online. Available. 18 August 2005.


Living in West Virginia all students exposed to the four seasons of the year. After reading the story SEASONS in Hourghton Mifflin's Theme 3, Week 1, this activity will give the students a better understanding of the content of the story.

    •How do seasons affect animal adaptations?
    •The seasons/art
physical and environmental changes during the four seasons
    •Four Seasons Webquest
    •Seasons scavenger hunt
    •Physical changes because of the seasons
    •Solar system map of the seasons

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