Current Event: Tsunami Disaster

What will you do to support the victims and their relatives?

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Leilani Carbonell Pedroni

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University of Southern California's Civil Engineering Department. "View of Wuhring, Indonesia." Crowding the Rim December 2004. 29 December 2004


While most of us in the United States celebrated our Winter Holiday festivities, the world's largest earthquake since 1964 hit caused devastating tsunami waves affecting several countries in South Asia. Over 100,000 people have been killed and even more are injured and left homeless.

This WRL list sites to find current information as well as links to agencies that are helping the victims of this disaster.

    •Tsunami Disaster
An Activity that can be used and adapted with students.
News Resources
    •National Public Radio (NPR)
    •Cable News Network (CNN)
    •Center for International Disaster Information
    •British Broadcast Company (BBC)
    •DigitaGlobe Satellite Images
Personal Appeals/Stories
    •Tsunami tragedy: Your appeals
CNN has received hundreds of e-mails from people seeking news of friends and relatives in areas affected by the tsunamis. Read their appeals organized by country on this web page.
    •In the wake of the tsunami
People living in the region told BBC News about their experiences during and after the earthquake and resulting tsunami.
    •Giant earthquake near Indonesia -Blog
Several first-hand accounts from people in the countries affected by the tsunamis.
    •Wave of Destruction
Photos and Videos from the aftermath of the Asia Tsunami.
Relief Agencies
    •Oxfam's Asian Earthquake & Tsunami Fund
    •World Emergency Relief Fund
    •World Concern Fund
    •AmeriCares South Asia Earthquake Relief Fund
    •Save the Children's Asia Earthquake / Tidal Wave Relief Fund
    •The American Red Cross

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