Martin Luther King Jr.

What were some of the important contributions of Martin Luther King, Jr.?

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King, Martin Luther, Jr. "PEABODY MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY" 1998-2002


Martin Luther King, Jr. was influential in the Civil Rights Movement and in shaping the history of our country, but just how far have we come as a society? How much progress have we made since 1968?

Activities and Resources
    •Breaking Color Barriers
A 3 & 4th grade Science experiment.
    •The New York Times Learning Network: Black History Lessons
    •Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Fact or Opinion Activity
    •Mapping Martin Luther King, Jr.
Students use map skills to explore places that were important in the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
    •MLK, Jr.: A Clothesline Timeline
    •Commemorate the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Biographies, memorable quotes, and plays detailing the struggle for Civil Rights, printables and multimedia resources about Dr. King.
    •Dreams Progress: MLK Day Lesson
    •Martin Luther King Jr Day - LiveBinder
Many, many resources about MLK, Jr.
    •Martin Luther King Jr. Day
    •Martin Luther King, Jr. Scavenger Hunt
    •Word Mover - I Have a Dream
    •Cybrary Man's MLK Jr. Resources
    •Classroom Resources for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
NEA Resources
    •What is Diversity? Egg Activity
Black History
    •CNN: Black History Month
A series of sites celebrating Black History.
    •The Britannica Guide to Black History
Neat site with a lot of information!
    •African American World
    •Academy Of Achievement: Rosa Parks
    •The Seattle Times: Classes In Conversation
Two third grade classes in Birmingham, Alabama and two third grade classes in Kent, Washington, agreed to take part in an email dialogue about Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights movement.
History of Martin Luther King, Jr.
    •Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream Lives On
    •Photo Gallery: Martin Luther King, Jr. & the Civil Rights Movement
    •PBS: Citizen King
    •Photos of MLK, Jr.
    •Dr. King Timeline
    •Martin Luther King, Jr. Timeline
Created by students using KidPix
    •Sports Figures Speak about Martin Luther King, Jr.
ESPN - YouTube
    •I Have a Dream
Student video
    •Martin Luther King, Jr.

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