Sticks and Stones and Words

Stereotypes/Separating Fact from Fiction/Recognizing Propaganda/Statements of Bias

Created by,
Amye Cooley
Linda Yarnell

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After reading and discussing "The Black Snowman", explore the sterotypes and phrases that refer to "Black as bad" and "White as good."

    •Those Tear-Me-Apart, Put-Me-Back-Together, Never-Be-the-Same-Again Blues
The learners will observe a paper manequin being torn apart by words. This demonstrates how words can hurt.
    •It's not Fair: Uncover discrimination in the past and today
It's Not Fair! addresses historical and contemporary issues of discrimination and injustice, and looks at what can be done to make things more fair
    •Designing a Kente Cloth for the Black Snowman
The Kente Cloth is an Asante ceremonial cloth hand-woven on a horizontal treadle loom. It is made from threads of different colors. The weaver may use red, green, yellow and black threads to weave the strips of cloth. The cloth is worn during very important social and religious occasions. Many variations of Kente are woven by various ethnic groups in Ghana and elsewhere in Africa.
    •Planet Tolerance
Historical and modern day images often contain hidden messages about us, about others and about our world. These subtle lessons lie just beneath the surface. In order to see them, we must replace passive consumption of images with critical analysis.

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