Who are the People Who Have Shaped Our World?

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These sites allow you or students to have access to many biographies of people who have shaped our world. They have had an impact on American culture and the world through government, entertainment, or business. Students can learn many interesting facts about these people by searching these sites.

    •Biographical Dictionary
This site allows you to search biographies of people who have shaped the world from ancient times to the present. You can search the dictionary by a key word, a person’s name, or dates.
This is the official site for the Biography series on the A&E channel. You can access over 25,000 biographies of people who have influenced America, the world, entertainment, government, and culture. Many of the presidents, Martin Luther King Jr., Of course, there are some people or parts of peoples’ lives that you do not want the students to read about. So, either be specific in who you want the students to read about, or read aloud about the person to the students so that you can be sure they get the vital information that you want them to learn.
    •From Revolution to Reconstruction….and what happened afterwards
This site lists many, if not all, of the people involved in the development of our country. This obviously has a social studies link built in by including biographies of people throughout history. There is also a link that allows you to access biographies of every President, from George Washington to George W. Bush.

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