The 50 States

What features or historical facts of each state is the most interesting or important?

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How is each state unique? The students will research an individual state and create an illustrated paper showing various state adopted resoures and prepare a brief sketch about a state's current office holders and interesting highlights of the state's history.

House of Representatives
    •Office of the Clerk
This site lists current membersship in the House of Representatives for each state.
Primary State Information
    •States and Capitals
This site gives most of the important information that you will use for your presentation. It also provides numerous links for individual states.
    •50 States- Flags
50 states site that will show you the flag of your state
    •50 States-Flowers
Site for each states' flower
    •50 States-Trees
Site for States' Trees
    •50 States-Fun Facts and Trivia
Miscellaneous Information about the States
    •50 States-Birds
Site for each States' Birds
Alternate website for state information
    •109th Senate
This site shows the membership in the Senate for each state.

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