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This is a resource list of computer games that students and I have evaluated as having some positive educational value.

Games for Boys and Girls
    •Play to learn
Games for younger children: Blue's Clues, Dora the Explorer, Little Bill, and more.
    •Stickman Murder Mysteries
Various games and activities. Easy to use. This game uses problem solving for users to solve mysteries.
    •Create a Neopet
Users create a pet, a home for the pet, pet friends, beauty contests, and various activities for their pets.
    •Primary Games, The fun place to learn
Games for Lang.Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, and puzzles
    •Superkids, Education for the Future
Excellent site for parents and young readers. Rates and reviews the games. Games using all curriculum areas plus some for fantasy and fun.
    •The Amazing Mind Reader
Combines math and mysticism.
    •Online Arcade Games
Arcade games, sports, puzzles, multiplayer games. Needs a plug-in. Video Safari Ocean and Video Safari Savannah lets users direct their own films.
Games Girls Like
Many varieties of activities. Easy to use.
    •Nancy Drew Mystery Games
There are a variety of games at this web site. Nancy Drew is still one of young girl's favorites
    •Everything girl
Games, shopping, writing reviews, beauty studio. Users create and design while playing.
    •What's Her Face
Users create and design music cd covers, boyfriends, clothes, etc. Very fun stuff!!

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