The World's Climates

Using Satellite Images to Observe Climates

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Todd Jacobson

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Please follow the steps below. Use the hand out to record your observations.
1. Open your Science book to page B78. Look at the map at the top of the page.
Q. What climate do we live in?
Q. What climate seems to cover more of the Earth?

2. Now click on the, "Land, Ocean, Ice" link. Look at the entire image.
Q. What do you notice about the image?
Q. How are the map on page B78 and the image similar/different?

3. Now click on the, "Night Lights" link.
Q. What do you notice about this image?
Q. Why do you think certain areas have lights and certain others do not?

4.Now Click on the, "Observing Earth's Temperatures" link. Follow the directions below the link.
Q. What do you notice?
Q.Why do some of the regions change color and others do not?

A. Land, Ocean, Ice Image
    •The Big Blue Marble Land_Ocean_Ice
This image highlights the earth's land, ocean, and ice.
B. Night Lights
    •City Lights
This image shows the night lights on Earth.
C. Earth's Temperatures
    •Observing Earth's Temperatures
Build an animation that shows the change in temperature over time. To do this use the pull down menus under the rectangular map: Select January as the start month and 1985 as the start year. Then pick January as the end month and 1992 as the end year. Then click, "Build animation".

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