What is in a Pond?

How does a pond help you?

Created by,
Karen Siders
Melissa Cross
Marilyn Jett
Jack Leep

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Siders, Karen. Pond.jpg. DCES Pond beside school. 18 Aug 2005


You can investigate pond life using the following websites:

    •Printouts of Pond Life
Enchanted Learning has pictures about different animals and pond life that you can print out as part of a book or oral report.
    •Animal Food Pyramid
Go to this site on Enchanted Learning and print out the food pyramid in a pond to compare to food chains of humans or other animals.
    •Coloring Sheets of Animals
Go to this National Geographic site to choose and print out an animal to color and research.
    •Animal Research Page
Go to this Yahooligans site to research your animal you chose.

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