Making the most of your departmentalized classroom

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Many districts are dabbling in departmentalizing. What is the best way for eMINTS teachers to accomodate this schedule? What does research say about departmentalizing? Is this the best way to meet the needs of your students?

Management Tips
    •Computer Rules Prevent Problems
    •NEA-Getting Organized
    •Community Baskets
    •Teach-Nology Organizational Tips
    •Power to Learn Election 2000-Classroom Management Module
Tips on managing students in the computer lab. You could apply some of these to your eMINTS room.
    •Management Tips for Wireless Laptop Lab
Research and Discussions
    •NAESP Departmentalize Elementary Schools
    •Teachers Leaders Network-Conversations
    •eMINTS Discussion List
    •Pro-Teacher Board Departmentalization Discussion
    •Archived Article on Education Reform and Students at Risk
Scroll about half-way down to read about departmentalization.
    •Educating Students Placed at Risk
Scroll to page three to read the views on interdisciplinary teaching.

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