Tips for the One Computer Classroom

Can you really integrate technology into the curriculum with limited resources?

Created by,
Mary Maderich
Andy Eaton
Betty Ferris
John Pederson
Barbara Bray

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Mary Maderich. GenY Kids. 2003.


So you only have one computer in the classroom. There are lots of resources and ideas available on the Internet to help you.

Classroom Ideas/Techniques
    •Ideas for the One Computer Classroom
Classroom management strategies and more.
    •To provide teachers with methods of effectively using a single computer in the classroom
7 Categories of Classroom Computer Use
    •Technology Curriculum Integration Ideas
    •Ideas for the One Computer Classroom
    •101 Activities for the One Computer Classroom
    •Great Teaching in the One Computer Classroom
Cooperative Learning
    •Cooperative Learning Elementary Lessons
    •Cooperative Learning Models
Lesson plans, K-5, subject specific
    •Facilitating Cooperative Groups at the Computer
What is Cooperative Learning and How Can it Work?
    •What is Cooperative Learning
Cooperative Learning Assessment
    •Evaluating Teams
    •Curriculum Map K-5

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