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"Meet Your Match," Humane Society Silicon Valley, Santa Clara, CA Feb. 2005.


This is a list of sites with information about companion animals and humane education.

    •History of the domestic cat
    •Cat Facts
    •Domestic Cats
    •Cat Body language
A cat's body language can communicate its emotions.
    •The History of Dogs
From wolf to woof, how dogs became our friends.
    •History of dogs
Dogs through the ages.
    •Origin and history of dogs
a fun history!
    •The Dog
A very thorough resource. Be sure to click on the links at the bottom of the page.
    •Dog Body Language
What does a dog's body language tell you?
History of American humane organizations
    •ASPCA History: "Regarding Henry"
Read about Henry Bergh, the man who started America's first humane organization.
    •ASPCA History: Timeline
A quick view 130 years of ASPCA history and key historical events in animal sciences, animal safety, and humane education.
    •Animal Lovers Through the Centuries
Read three short stories about people who had compassion for animals. Which one do you like best?
    •The Story of Mary Ellen Wilson
Mary Ellen Wilson was a little girl who had been badly abused. When he heard her story, Henry Bergh helped found the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children in 1874.
Pet Issues
    •Issues affecting our pets
    •Care and Issues
See the links on the right-hand side of the page.
    •Humane teen
Make a difference!
    •The ASPCA's Animaland Pet Care Guide
Great tips for taking care of your companion animals!
Should animals have rights?
    •Do animals have rights?
Should we change the relationship between humans and animals?
    •Animals rights and the theory behind it
Which concept of animal rights is the best? Is it respect, freedom, intrinsic value, love, compassion, equality or something else? What should be the basis for animal rights?
    •Animals rights
A list of the pros and cons of animal rights. What do you think?

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