What are ways animals and people communicate?

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Bray, Barbara. African Elephant. elephant.jpg. 2003. My eCoach® eLibrary. Online. Available. 2 June 2005.


People and animals communicate with their own species and with other species. Are there common elements in all forms of communications? What are the limits of their language? What are the strengths of that language? Can you tell a short story in that language?
Choose one website from each of the three categories:
Animal Communication
Human Communication
Other Sites to Explore

Animal Communication
    •The Animal Project
Read the Web page. Write down three main ideas.
Read this article and write a short paragraph about the reasons scientists believe elephants communicate even when they do not hear any sounds. Also include what parts of the elephant gives clues that communication is taking place.
    •Ways Animals Communicate
Read this page of information and answer four of the following questions.
1. According to this site, what are the four means of communication used by animal species?
2. Give two examples of animals that use scent to communicate and explain the purpose or message.
3. What mammals generally speak using squeaking sounds?
4. Give an example of sight communication.
5. How can animals use touch to communicate?
6. Share anything else you found interesting or ask a question about your reading.
    •Nature Works
This website lists 4 types of animal communication. What are the names of each and what do they mean?
Human Communication
    •Secret Codes
Secret codes are fun for friends and important in keeping secrets between govenments. Explore three types of codes: Reverse, Morse, Number Strand
1. Solve the code in the box.
2. Write a one sentence message to Ms. Brekke-Brownell.
3. Write the message in the specific code.
    •American Sign Language
Read the page.
1. Click on American Manual Alphabet Chart. Review page and then sign your name.
2. Click on Amerian Manual Alphabet:Described Version. Sign your first name.
3. Click on "Mysterious Secret Language Mystery Riddles:Text/Graphic Version. Choose five riddles to try to solve.
Other Sites to Explore
Explore this sight and learn four new things about Koko and his ability to communicate.
    •Animal Sounds in the Wild
Listen and try to imagine their message.

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