Filibuster and the Judiciary

Do you favor or oppose the use of the filibuster in the US Senate?

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History of Filibuster and
Current Political Usage


History is happening right before our eyes. The filibuster has been an option in the Senate over many years. Use the resources below to understand some of the historical implications for filibusters and possibly why the filibuster is an issue with judicial appointments.

History and Definition
    •Filibuster and Cloture
U.S. Senate history and background of the filibuster
    •Wikipedia: Filibuster
Encylopedia article with definition and history of Filibuster
    •Answers about Filibusters
    •Filibuster History and Current Political Usage
News and Updates
    •10 Top Filibuster Falsehoods
    •Senators Duke it Out over Judicial Filibusters
USA Today article on Filibuster and Nuclear Option

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