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EWYL iPod Specs, Podcasting and Curriculum

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Feldstein, Darlene. "iPod and Comb." 28 April 2005.


Editorials about the iPod provided to 05-06 EWYL Fellows, podcasting, fun with Apple products, and iPod curriculum:

    • 30 GB iPod Photo Reviews
User reviews of EWYL Fellows' iPod. What features (included or extra) would enhance your classroom experience?
    • 7/4/05 New York Times
Impact of podcasting editorial. What copyright issues does podcasting raise?
    • iPods used in classes at Duke University
Last year all incoming Freshman at Duke University were given an iPod. Professors developed curriculum and devised new ways to maximally use iPod features which are summarized on this web site. Are there similar iPod uses for high school classes?
    • Lesson Plans for iPods in the Classroom
Apple has PDF files of lesson plans using iPods in K-12 education. Can we offer more examples for high school curriculum?
    •iPod Parody
Click on link to download video of iPod parody. What do you think of Apple's product marketing?

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