Introducing Triangular Geometry

Basic terminology and practical knowledge

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This list should be used to reinfoce a student's background knowledge in geometry. Use the information contained here to brush up on your terminology and then put your knowledge to use.

Basic Geometric Terminology
    •Introduction to Geometry
Now that you've got an idea of how Pythagorous lived and what his theory is about, take a second and brush up on some basic geometric terminology. Pay attentin to the different types of triangles and angle measures!
Pythagorean Theory - A "Brief" History
    •Pythagorous and the Pythagoreans
This site shows how this fabled theory came into being. Learn here about Pythagorous' life and mathematical exploits.
Right Triangle Facts
    •Pythagorean Theorem & Right Triangle Facts
Time to put all that knowledge from the previous web pages to use. This site gives you a step-by step look at solving right tringle problems. Use the interactive quiz at the end to test your mastery.
Similar Triangles
    •Similar Triangles
Now that you've gotten a little more comfortable with right triangles and the pythagorean theorem, take a look at similar triangles.
    •Practice With Similarity
This online quiz is a great way to double check your understanding of similarity and how it applies to triangles. The feedback is fast and comes complete with explanations

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