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Bray, Barbara. Bridges Next to Bridges. bridges.jpg. 2004. My eCoach® eLibrary. Online. Available. 1 August 2005.


Here is a list of interactive geometry sites.

Geometric Shapes
    •Getting to Know the Shapes
In this interactive geometry investigation students will explore geometric solids and their properties.
Learning Games
    •Polygon Capture: A Geometry Game
This grades 5-8 activity requires students to classify polygons according to more than one property at a time. So students must move from a simple description of shapes to an analysis of how properties are related, all in the context of an enjoyable game. NCTM Publication-Based Lesson Plans are adapted from NCTM's journals. This lesson plan, by William Carroll, appeared in the October 1998 edition of Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School
    •Totally Tessellated
Simply browsing this site is not enough if you want to really understand why tessellations work and how to create your tessellations. Make use of the many hands-on activities and templates provided in this site for your personal exploration of tessellations. For these, you will need access to a printer.
No Limit Institute Starter Activity
    •Surface Area Challenge
Use virtual blocks to explore surface area.

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