Hurricane Katrina

How are communities in the southern states and abroad impacted by Hurricane Katrina?

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Early Monday, Hurricane Katrina hit Grand Isle, 60 miles south of New Orleans, Louisiana. As the day went on Hurricane Katrina left a path of destruction in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama as well as other areas.
Using the links below, learn what impact Hurricane Katrina has had so far.

Discussion Questions:
1. What are the immediate effects of Hurricane Katrina?

2. What long-term problems will the communities impacted face?

3. How does this natural disaster impact others who do not live in the immediate areas where Hurricane Katrina hit?

4. What relief efforts are currently underway? What more can be done?

5. What can be learned from the effects of Hurricane Katrina? What measures should we take to prepare for natural disasters in the future?

News and Information Resources
    •CNN: New Orleans shelters to be evacuated
    •NPR: Katrina
    •WLOX (South Mississippi): Hurricane Katrina - News and Information
    •Google News (Up to date links): Hurricane Katrina
    •Hurricanes in the U.S. Southeast
    •The Weather Channel: Information on areas hard hit by Hurricane Katrina
    •Katrina Aftermath: A Public Gallery of Thoughts, Images and Sounds in Response to Hurricane Katrina
Relief Efforts
    •FEMA: Hurricane Katrina Information
Information on locating missing relatives, evacuees and disaster victims resources, and current news.
    •American Red Cross: Response to Hurricane Katrina
Regularly updated fact sheet and link to where to donate to aid in relief effort.
    •Alabama Governorís Emergency Relief
In order to respond to the recent disaster in South Alabama, Governor Bob Riley has established the Alabama Governorís Emergency Relief Fund. Monies donated to this fund will go to directly assist victims of Hurricane Katrina in Alabama.
    •Donations to The Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation
The Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation has been established in order to help provide immediate assistance to our citizens in need through a network of Louisiana charities, non-profit and governmental agencies, including clearinghouses like the Louisiana VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster).
    •Mississippi Hurricane Relief Fund (USA Freedom Corps Website)
No official website for this fund - but information can be found on the USA Freedom Corps site). Checks and Money orders can be mailed to: Mississippi Hurricane Relief Fund P.O. Box 139 Jackson, MS 39205
    •Do Something: We've Got Your Back
Kids across the country are stuffing backpacks full of new school supplies and new personal items.

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