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This WRL is in response to a request for resources to be used for children who finish a unit early or need extensions to the work they are doing in class.

Interactive Sites
    •AAA Math
This is a website that does some review on decimals. It asks students to recall and compare decimals. Unfortunately it has no context, but it gives immediate feedback on the student's answer.
    •Decimal Challenge
This resource is a game where students have to guess a number by adding decimals to it. Put a number in and it will tell you if you are too high or low.
    •Decimal Switch
This resource has the students ordering the decimals in ascending order
A great resource from NCTM. Click on Tools to get interactive tools to develop math concepts.
This resource has the student move the scale to reflect the correct decimal number.
    •Virtual Manipulatives - Decimals
Use virtual manipulatives to solve problems with decimals.

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