The Government and Me

How does my government affect me?

Created by,
Jane Houf
Ruth Kem

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Noonan, Linda. statueofliberty.jpg. July 10, 2005. Pics4Learning. 2 Feb 2006


Learn about the levels of government and how they affect us by viewing the following websites.
1. Write interesting or important facts that you learn about our documents as you read about them.
2. Complete the graphic organizer as you read about each level of government, and be prepared to make an Inspiration Web for each one.
3. Make a t-chart of rights and responsibilities of citizens as you read about our freedoms and responsibilities.
4. Make a list of services our government provides.
5. After reading and taking notes about our government, make a poster of one area of interest to be shared with the second graders to help them understand our government better.

    •Declaration of Independence
    •Signing the Declaration of Independence
    •United States Constitution
    •Bill of Rights
Federal Government
    •Ben's Guide to Government
    •Three Branches of Government
    •Becoming a Citizen Test
Freedoms and Responsibilities
    •Bill of Rights Game
    •Democratic Values
Local Government
    •Forms of Local Government
    •Municicpal Government
    •Tour City Hall
    •County Government
Need for Government
    •The Democracy Project
State Government
    •Missouri Constitution
    •State of Missouri

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