How can a tessellation be formed?

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A tessellation is a pattern formed by the repetition of a single unit or shape that, when repeated, fills the plane with no gaps and no overlaps. Use these websites to learn more about tessellations and to create your own tessellations.

    •Grids and Tessellations
What is a tessellation.
    •Figures & Polygons
    •M.C. Escher Tessellations
    •Tessellation Tutorial
Topics such as "What is a tessellation?" What is tiling?" Where is the Math?" and "Historical and Geographical Connections".
General tessellation information, a study of M.C. Escher, tessellation gallery, and how to make your own instructions.
    •Totally Tessellated!
Click on the "Enter the Site" link at the top of the page. Note the links to History, Essentials, Escher, Mosaics/Tilings, and Beyond.
    •What are Tessellations?
From CoolMath.com
Interactive Tools
    •Newton's Workshop - Tessellation Tool
This tool allows you to build tessellations and other designs by attaching the corners of various shapes to one another.

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