Using Metrics to Measure

Why is it important to be able to measure in different units?

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Ruth Kem

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Ruth Kem, Metric Tools, 2005


Use the sites below to practice metric measurements. You can measure lengths using centimeters and millimeters. You can measure liquids using liters and milliliters. You can measure mass and weight using grams and kilograms. You can measure temperature using celcius.

    •Build a Shed using Metrics
Change centimeters to millimeters to build a shed
    •Measure It
Measure and check it
    •Converting Metric Weight Units
    •Measure Lines using Centimeters
Move the line to measure it
    •Converting Metric Length Measures
    •Measure using Centimeters & Check
See what a gram and kilogram look like and practice measuring
See what a milliliter and liter look like and practice measuring
Use the thermometer to measure the temperature

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