How can Podcasting give your students a voice on the Web?

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We live in a digital world, we are constantly exposed to media. Bring back the days of "Fireside Chats." With a microphone and some simple software let your students try their hand at Podcasting. Give them a voice.

What is it?
An encyclopedia article about Pod Casting
How To?
    •Beginner Guide to Podcast
This site will walk you through the process of creating a Podcast.
    •iTunes FAQ
These resource gives you a brief explanation for using iTunes to locate and share Podcasts.
    •Creating a Podcast in Garage Band
General Resources
    •Learning in Hand-Create Podcasts
This resource walks you through the steps of creating Podcast. It also provides students samples.
    •How Stuff Works?
What is it and how does it work? What is the future of Podcasting? Explore answers to these questions and more.
    •From Apple Podcasting in the Classroom
    •Educational Podcasting
Tons of resources from tutorials to lesson ideas!
Free Audio Editor and Recorder
    •Audacity Wiki
Everything you want to know about Audacity.
    •LAME MP3 Encoder
Download this encoder to export Audacity files at MP3's.
    •Garage Band
If you have a Mac, you probably have Garage Band! It is quick and easy!
Audio Resources
    •Free Kids Music
    •Free Play Music
For educational projects not broadcasted or posted to the web.
Free Storage
    •Our Media
Non-profit site that stores media for free. If using this site, you need to plan ahead because your media is not available immediately after uploading and there is limited tech support. Remember, it is FREE!!!
Create audio on this site or import audio to this site. Great tool and resource, but students are able to access the Podcast Library.
1 GB of free online storage
Classroom Examples
    •Audio Broadcasting
Middle school students share what their views on poetry via Podcasts.
    •Radio WillowWeb
Radio WillowWeb is a podcast for kids and by kids from the students at Willowdale Elemetary School in Omaha, Nebraska.
    •Mr. Langhorst 8th grade American History
This teacher uses podcast to assist students in studying for tests.
    •3R's Club Podcast
Third grade students share recycling tips and even include an interview with Curby from Waste Management.
    •Mrs. D. Smith's First Grade
Fisher Mitchell School Fisher Mitchell School in Bath, Maine, USA
    •4th Cast
Fourth grade monthly news cast.
    •The Downs FM
A class room website of 10 and eleven year olds do a news type show via Podcast. This site discusses the process and the learning objectives that students accomplish during their podcast.
Podcast Directories
    •Education Podcast Network
A collection of Podcasts on a variety of subjects. Bring audio into your classroom as a resource.
    •Podcast Directory for Educators
Podcast on a variety of subject areas.
Free audiobooks from the public domain.
    •PD to Go
Great resource for awesome ideas about SMART Board use and other "techy" topics.

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