Math Songs

How can songs teach us about Math?

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Kathryn Ortega

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Bray, Barbara. Electric Guitar. guitar.jpg. 2003. My eCoach® eLibrary. Online. Available. 4 January 2006.


Use the links below to research and listen to songs about Math. These websites will help you and your group members get an idea of how to write a song about a specific topic. In your case, this song will be about decimals.

    •Algebra and Geometry Songs
This site has great examples of actual songs that include their lyrics. It will also show you how to write a chorus for your song.
    •Vocabulary Minute
Examples of how songs can be used to teach major ideas.
    •Math Songs and Poems
This site has lots of songs about Math including numbers and operations, patterns and algebra, graphs and functions, geometry, measurement, and probability and statistics.

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