Getting Fancy with Fireworks 8

How to do the really cool stuff...

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So many cool things, so little time. Hopefully these web resources can help you discover the potential of Fireworks and tap in to your creative side.

General Information
    •Adobe-On Demand
Streaming Videos that break down Adobe/Macromedia software content
    •A Journey with Fireworks 8
This website is a pay service of tutorials, but there are several sample PDFs that can be downloaded and used.
    •Macromedia Fireworks 8
Take a product tour on the Adobe/Macromedia website
    •Fireworks 8 Essential Training
This site offers movies that introduce you to different features of Fireworks 8. This is a pay site, but there are several free resources that you may want to view.
Photo Albums
    •Macromedia-Developer Center
Learn to create an online photo album combing the tools in Dreamweaver and Fireworks
    •Dreamweaver Savvy
Explains the steps of using Dreamweaver and the batch processing feature in Fireworks to create online photo albums.
    •Free!-Flash Album Generator the Movie
Watch a movie that explains how Dreamweaver and Fireworks create photo albums.
Pop-Up Menus
    •Greg Rewis: Fireworks 8 CSS Pop-Up Menu
Listen and watch as Greg Rewis from Macromedia walks you through the steps of creating the cool look of CSS Pop-Up Menus

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