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Remember these are not a substitute for reading and studying the poems yourself. Not all of the poems being studied have web resources at this time. More will be posted as time goes by!

Use your good sense when you are exploring the internet and tell your teacher immediately if you come across a site with questionable content.

A Contemplation Upon Flowers
    •A Contemplation Upon Flowers
Read the poem by Henry King
Colonial Girls School
    •Analysis - Part 1
Introduces the poet and begins to analyze the poem.
    •Analysis - Part 2
The Deputy Principal from Jamaica continues her analysis.
    •Analysis - Part 3
More information on the poem specifically geared towards CXC students.
    •Vachel Lindsay's poem
Just a short read of this will show you why Olive Senior finds this view of the Congo so upsetting.
Coolie Mother
    •Genral information
Page from Emory University giving biographical information and some study notes.
For My Mother
Biographical information and resource list.
    •BBC site
Read another of her poems and listen to an interview with her.
Le Loupgarou
    •The Nobel Prize in Literature 1992
Read about Derek Walcott's nobel prize win including biography, interview and banquet speech
    •Derek Walcott
Bio from NY Writer's CO
My Papa's Waltz
    •Theodore Roethke's Life and Career
A detailed description of the poet's life.
Interactive copy of the poem with good study helps.
Sonnets from China

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