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Use this list as a starting place for voter information. Be sure to use your evaluation questions and to list the evaluation and citation information on your source table. You'll also find a link below to help you with MLA citation. Good luck!

Citing Your Sources
    •Citation Machine
This Web site will help you site a variety of sources--Web sites, books, magazines, and more--using Modern Language Association (MLA) style.
Voter Information Sources
    •San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco's largest daily newspaper.
    •League of Women Voters
Not just for women! The League provides information on local, state, and national candidates and issues.
    •The Guardian
A free San Francisco weekly newspaper.
    •Democratic National Committee
Get the official Democratic Party take on candidates and issues.
    •Republican National Committee
The official source of information on the Republican Party.
    •California Elections and Voter Information
Includes California's Voter Information Guide.

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