Asian Immigration in the U.S.

What was it like to immigrate to the U.S. for a person of Asian ancestry?

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Two Filipino couples dining in San Francisco, CA.
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The United States is made up of a diverse population. What was it like to be an Asian immigrating and settling in a new land? Use the following links to learn about different stories of Asian immigrants.

Asians (General)
    •Ancestors in the Americas
ANCESTORS in the AMERICAS A PBS series exploring the history and legacy of Asians in the Americas. Produced by Loni Ding
    •Chinese Immigration to the United States
...a relatively large group of Chinese immigrated to the United States between the start of the California gold rush in 1849 and 1882, when federal law stopped their immigration.
    •Separate Lives, Broken Dreams
The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was a turning point in American history. It is, however, one which seldom receives anything more than a passing reference in most history books. The Act barred all Chinese from U.S. citizenship by naturalization, and specifically excluded Chinese laborers and their families from entering the United States.
    •The Voyage to America
Excerpted from The Filipino Americans (1763): Their History, Culture, and Traditions by Veltisezar Bautista, 2nd Edition, Copyright 2002
    •Filipino Migration to the U.S.
Even prior to the U.S. annexation of the Philippines, there was already a Filipino community in Louisiana. However, it was the American colonization of the Philippines which paved the way for an exodus of Filipinos to the United States.
    •Echoes of Freedom: South Asian Pioneers in California
Stories of early Indian immigrants to California told through photographs, documents, and publications.
    •The History of Japanese Immigration
In 1869, settlers with The Wakamatsu Tea and Silk Farm Colony were among the first to arrive from Japan. They brought mulberry trees, silk cocoons, tea plants and bamboo roots.
    •Vietnamese Immigration Web Page
Our purpose in creating this page is to familiarize readers with some basic knowledge of the Vietnamese immigrants' experience and provide additional resources for further study.

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