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Bray, Barbara. Bird Nest. birdsnest.jpg. 2000. My eCoach® eLibrary. Online. Available. 26 January 2006.


Inquiry of birds, their identification, habitat, and food resources.

Birds Identification, Larger
    •All About Birds
A bird site that has four pages about larger birds. Raptors to Emu. Also has fun puzzles on each page.
Bird Counting
    •Glencoe Science Voyages Level Red Chapter 21 Vertebrate Animals: Internet Activity
A full online activity page for counting, identification, and reporting of birds to a collection site.
Bird Identification
    •All About Birds -- Birding 1,2,3
This page teaches how to identify bird by profile, and size.
Bird Identification & Feeding
    •Wisconsin's Favorite Winter Birds
A DNR site of birds and what they like to eat at your bird feeder
Bird Sounds
    •The Virtual Bird, Bird Songs
Hear Birds that you have seen. A huge list of birds. Choose your bird from a list of Latin, English or Finnish.
What Makes a Bird
    •San Diego Zoo Animal Bytes: Birds
Mostly larger birds and a little more complex discriptions.
    •Glencoe Science Voyages Level Red Chapter 21: Worksheets - Vertebrate Animals
A source of a couple of worksheets to add to your course on birds and the discovery of how birds migrate. Also a worksheet on the actual workings of birds.

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