Ancient India

How did people live in Ancient India?

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Archeological Dig in India

|  Art  |  Caste System  |  Daily Life  |  Geography  |  History  |  Religion  |

Work as part of a group of four students to research different aspects of life in Ancient India. Each person in the group researches two of the following categories below: art, caste system, daily life, geography, government, history, and religion.

The group then pulls their information together to create a project that answers the question on how people lived in Ancient India:
report in essay form
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    •Ancient Indian Culture
Covers music, painting, dance and theater.
Caste System
    •The Caste System
Briefly describes the caste system.
Daily Life
    •Ancient India - Sports and Games
Describes popular pastimes such as chess, card games and martial arts.
    •Ancient Indian Architecture
The existence of cities on the scale of Mohenjodaro is proof that a systematised and highly developed technique of architecture existed 5000 years ago.
    •Daily life in ancient India
This site shares daily life in three major time periods of ancient India history; the Indus Valley Civilization, the Vedic & Epics Periods, and the Age of Empires.
    •Ancient India: geography and topology
Describes the geography of the Indus River region.
    •Ancient Indus Valley
Here is introductory information on the history and geography of the Indus Valley civilizations. The excellent photos will make you feel like you are visiting Ancient India.
    •Range of Indus Valley Civilizations
Shows the movement of the Indus Valley culture from west to east.
    •Relief map
This is a relief map of India.
    •Three Dimensions of Harappa
A new three dimensional map of the ancient city of Harappa.
    •Ancient India
Covers geography, culture, art, technology, trade and a timeline.
    •The Ancient Indus Valley
Wealth of slide shows by archaeologists & leading Profs. High quality photos of artifacts, sites & excavations.
    •The Indus Valley Civilization
Describes the earliest traces of civilization in the Indian subcontinent that are found in places along, or close, to the Indus river.
    •World Heritage Monuments
Visit the monuments of India including religious sites, secular monuments, forts and prehistoric sites.
    •Ancient India - Dieties
Provides a picture and a description of the major Hindu dieties.

|  Art  |  Caste System  |  Daily Life  |  Geography  |  History  |  Religion  |

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