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Teachers are integrating ACTIVboard technology into all facets of the classrooms. Content rich resources that are ready-made Flipcharts and interactive websites save teachers and students time and energy as well as showing the many facets of interactive whiteboard technology. This isn't a complete list, however please feel free to contact me at any time to add something new to this list. Many more websites and activities can be found by entering "ACTIVboard" into your search engine.

    •The Promethean Lighthouse
Titles such as 1. Claris Cliff 2. Moods in Pictures 3. Movement in Art 4. Seurat 5. Normanby Hall Scuptures 6. Sculpture for Year 1 7. Gaudi 8. Early Morning Art
Educator Resource
    •How to use ACTIVprimary flipchart
Although available within the software, here is a flipchart to support you through your endeavours.
    •The Promethean Lighthouse
Click on the links below to download the flipchart. Select save from the options. You can save it anywhere on your computer. To use the flipchart open ACTIVstudio and use 'File' then 'Open' to find it. You can only view these if you have ACTIVstudio or ACTIVprimary from Promethean. They have been produced in ACTIVstudio unless otherwise stated.C
English and Language Arts
    •Resources : Core Curriculum : English - Language Arts
Resources for grades K-12. Flipcharts and websites.
English as a Additional Language (EAL)
    •The Promethean Lighthouse
Titles such as # Make a C.V.C word # Sequencing - Growing Flowers # Where is the cat? # EAL beginners - Somali/English - Naming food
    •FREE Math Resources Ready to download
FREE Flipcharts and activities to download Resources : Core Curriculum : Mathematic. Catagories: K-2 Math ( 54 ) new,3-5 Math ( 55 ) new, 6-8 Math ( 15 ) new High School ( 110 )
    •Math Flipcharts for Math: 3 - 5 Math
Download Ready-to-use Flipcharts to save in My Flipcharts or Shared Flipcharts on your computer. Resources : Core Curriculum : Mathematics : 3-5 Math Categories: Multiplication - Division ( 6 ) new,Fractions - Decimals ( 3 ) new, Measurement ( 5 ), Time, Counting ( 5 ), Addition - Subtraction ( 2 ), Other ( 20 ) new, Collections ( 11 ) Collections of math activities.
    •Math Flipcharts for Math: 6 -8 Math
Ready-to-use Flipcharts and websites to use in My Flipcharts or Shared Flipcharts on your computer. Categories:Geometry ( 2 ),Algebra ( 1 ), Measurement ( 0 ), Terms - Symbols ( 1 ), Numbers and Operations ( 4 ) new, Other ( 7 )
    •Math Flipcharts for Math: High School
Ready-to-use Flipcharts and websites to use in My Flipcharts or Shared Flipcharts on your computer. Categories: Pre-Algebra ( 1 ), Algebra ( 21 ), Geometry ( 20 ), Trigonometry ( 3 ),Calculus ( 0 ), General ( 65 )
    •Math Flipcharts for Math: K-2 Math
Download Ready-to-use Flipcharts to save in My Flipcharts or Shared Flipcharts on your computer. Titles such as How Much Do I Owe?, Ladybug Math, length Comparison, Math Games, M & M Pattern Book and many more.
    •What is the Arithmetic Quiz Activity?
This activity allows a student to practice his or her arithmetic with whole numbers and integers. The student can choose to answer problems involving whole number and integer addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The student can also choose the difficulty level and the amount of time available to solve each problem.
    •What is the Maze Game Activity?
This activity allows the user to practice their point plotting skills by having them move a robot through a mine field to a target location. Moves are accomplished by specifying the coordinates of the new location. In order to win, the path must not cross a mine.
    •What's New Interactive for Math
Interactivate is always changing to meet the needs of its users. Whether it is adding more activities or putting in more features for better navigaton in the site, we're always striving to make the site more useful, educational, and user friendly.
    • ACTIVresources
Welcome to the ACTIVboard Resource Centre. Please feel free to browse the offered resources. Here you will find downloadable Flipcharts and Web Resources that have been submitted by ACTIVboard Users. The web links offered may be suitable for direct use with the ACTIVboard or may offer downloadable resources that can be used with the ACTIVboard.
    •Resources : Core Curriculum : Miscellaneous - Collections
Collections of resources for General ( 24 ),Grades K - 5 ( 40 ), Kindergarten thru FifthGrade Grades 6 - 8 ( 8 ), Grades 6 - Grade 8, High School ( 14 ),High School
    •Resources : Core Curriculum : Science
139 resources for K-12 Science. Titles such as All About Apples, Giant Panda- Endangered Species,Nitrogen and more.
Social Studies
    •Resources for Social Studies K-12
147 Resources for Social Studies with titles in areas of Social Studies, Geography, World History, U.S. History, and Government. Titles include a Flipchart named "Potpourri" containing a variety of quiz format questions, challenging students to draw on knowledge in a number of different areas. Fun for all ages!

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