The Opposite of Multiplication

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Pam Lowe

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Pam Lowe. Division. 2006

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This is a resource list of division sites for students to use in order to practice division and in some cases, practice the opposite operation, multiplication.

    •Aplusmath Flashcards
    •A Plus Flashcard Creator
    •Game Aquarium
    •Mental Division
    •Math Mayhem
    •Math Magician
    •Division Exercises
    •That's A Fact
Practice divsion and multiplication facts.
    •Minute Math
Practice division and multiplication.
    •Written Division
    •AAA Math: Division Facts
    •Revise Wise Maths
Includes Activity, Factsheet, Test and Worksheet
    •McGraw-Hill Math: Multiplication & Division
    •MathCafe Builder
Create your own worksheets.
    •Super Kids Worksheet Generator
    •A Plus Math Division
Worksheet Generator
    •Using Divisibility Rules
pdf worksheet
    •Divisibility by 9
Problem Solving
    •Problem Solving Division
    •Do You Have A Problem With That?
A webquest to help students discover when to add, subtract, multiply and divide in a problem.
    •Long Division
    •Short Division
    •Division with 0
    •2 Digit Division
    •Troubleshooting Division
    •Division with Money

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