Winds of War: Valley Forge

War Heroes and Heroines

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Benjamin Franklin


Choose at least one famous person from the Revolutionary War period to research. Ask yourself the following questions as you do your research:
Why are they famous?
What did they do, in relationship to the Revolutionary War?
What battles, activities or innovations were they involved with?

Find as much information about each one as possible. You will need to develop a brief, but complete personal history of your person prior to their Revolutionary War experience.

Write your research information in the form of an interview. You are a reporter. Identify yourself and then ask questions of the person you researched. Your questions should detail the personís history, actions and importance during the war, and to history in general. Provide answers to the questions you ask. You may include some creative questions and answers (should be based on historical details), but most should be factual.


Jane Pauley: So, General Washington, what did you do at Valley Forge that made such a difference in the outcome of the war?
General Washington: Well, Jane, you see, itís like this. . .

Below are some links that might give you a good place to start researching.

War Heroes and Heroines
    •A biography of Ben Franklin
    •Benedict Arnold
    •Betsy Ross
    •Notable Women of Early America
    •Signers of the Declaration of Independence
    •The True Story of Paul Revere
    •Thomas Jefferson: Son of Virginia

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