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What is the Aztec Civilization?

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Shrines of the Gods - This image is from Aztec Architecture site


This web page lists books and websites that you can explore to learn more about the Aztecs.

    •Aztec, Inca & Maya - Elizabeth Baquedano
A Dorling Kindersley (DK) Eyewitness book containing information about the Aztec, Maya, and Inca through numerous images and photographs.
    •The Lost Temple of the Aztecs - Shelley Tanaka,
Full color illustrations of daily life, diagrams of the great cities, and photographs of the excavation of the Aztec temple.
    •Broken Shields - Claudia Burr
First-person account of the tragic downfall of the Aztecs drawn from volume XII of Friar Berbardino de Sahagun's twelve volume A General History of the Things of New Spain, published in the sixteenth century.
    •The Fall of the Aztec Capital - Richard Platt
A history of the Aztec people and their way of life.
Web Resources
    •Aztec Creation Myth
Myths and Legends of Aztec Mythology
This On-Line Classroom Adventure offers a virtual field trip for students in grades 8-12. Through this Web site, middle and high school classes can access an array of interactive activities and engaging information to learn more about the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors in the New World and the historical legacy of their contact with Native Americans.
    •Aztec Architecture
This website explains how the Aztecs built their holy temples, houses, the Emperor's palace, as well as, a religious temple.

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