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Activities to Assist Teachers with Using and Creating Podcasts

Created by,
Carmen Marty
Angie Esser
Brooke Higgins
Gayle Cantrell

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Photo courtesy of Doug Caldwell eMINTS National Center


What is a Podcast and how do you make one? Explore and research the exciting world of Podcasts. Finish up your experience by creating a simple Podcast using the software Audacity.

Essential Question-How can Podcasting increase classroom communication?

Web Resources List
    •Podcasts-How Can Podcasting Give Your Students a Voice on the Web?
This WRL will be used in the following activities.
    •Podcasts-What is it?
Experience and research Podcasts. Create your own understanding of this tool.
    •Why Podcast?
Explore how Podcast enhance classroom communication and thinking.
    •Broadcasting on the Web
Work in a group to create a Podcast using the software Audacity.

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