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Algebra Defined and Basic Practice Activites
    •What is Algebra?
Algebra defined from the QuickMath website. Algebra is the branch of elementary mathematics which uses symbols to stand for unknown quantities...
    • Introduction to Algebra
Math League's Introduction to Algebra
    •Extra Practice with Algebra Basics
From Houghton Mifflin Math site - lots of interactive basic practice activities.
General Agebra Activities and Lessons
    •Algebra Problem of the Week
Problems change weekly and there is an archive of previous problems.
    •Illuminations - New Visions for School Mathematics
Illuminations math site (NCTM) on Marco Polo. They have GREAT interactive math applets that are really well thought out. Be sure to go to I-Math and Interactive Math *lets.
    •Interactive Mathmatics
Virtual manipulatives for 6-8 grade mathmatics activites.
Working with Integers
    •Adding Integers with Algebra Tiles
Using Algebra Tiles (they have a set you can download) solve integer problems. These activities and site are from The Math Lab, an interactive math laboratory designed so you can EXPERIENCE math.
    •Multiplying Integers
Another hands on activity from The Math Lab.
    •Algebra II: Integers and Operations
Lessons with that help to accurately complete a variety of simple algebra problems involving negative numbers and multiple mathematical functions.
Working with Intergers and Fibonacci Numbers
    •Using the Fibonacci Numbers
Activites that use the Fibonacci numbers to represent whole numbers.

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