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The websites on this hotlist are all beneficial towarads the study of weather. Most of the websites are teacher directed although a few are mainly for students.

For the classroom
    •Bill Nye the Science Guy
Nice Website to use, fun and interactive.
    •Dan's Wild Weather
Great site for children to explore weather phenomenon. Excellent links as well.
    •Energy Quest
Kid-friendly tool to learn more about science. Interesting weather page. Useful for teachers as well.
    •Internet Field Trip
A list of great classroom websites to use with you kids. Take a weather fieldtrip on the web!
    •Storm Learning Center
Kid Friendly activities; Teachers guide included
    •The Magic Schoolbus
A nice website for kids to discover.
    •The Weather Channel
Very user friendly. Great tool to search for weather locally or globally.
For the teacher:
    •About temperature
Useful handout.
    •Educational Weather Books
List of great weather books.
List of Weather activities including Weather Window
    •Scholastic - Teacher's Guide to Weather Theme Units
Very useful tool to search for weather units.
VERY useful weather links that teachers can use. Great ideas!
    •Weather Forecasting

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