Nat Turner

Was Nat Turner's Revolt a Success?

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Nat Turner preaching (Africans in America, Part 3). PBS . Accessed 03 November 2004.


This web resource list directs students to specific sites that will help them understand the origins and results of Nat Turner's revolt.

Primary Sources
    •The Confessions of Nat Turner
From Revolution to Reconstruction ... and what happened afterward; site organized in 7 parts
    •Governor's Proclamation
Proclamation by Governor John Floyd. Sept. 17, 1831; Death or Liberty Documents; The Library of Virginia
    •"Fear of Insurrection"
This chapter in "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl" by Harriet Jacobs (1861) describes violence against blacks following the [Nat Turner] revolt. Challenging reading for 8th graders.
    •The Richmond "Enquirer" on Nat Turner's Rebellion
A short introduction to this historical documment with a direct link to the text. PBS: Africans in America.
    •Transcripts of documents from Nat Turner's Rebellion
"Death or Liberty" site at the Library of Virginia
Sources, Additional
    •Nat Turner's Rebellion
PBS: Africans in American/Brotherly Love, Part 3: 1791-1831.
    •From the African Experience in Ohio
"Nat Turner" by T.T. Fortune, a poem from the Cleveland Gazette, November 1884)
    •"Nat Turner's Insurrection"
An article by Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Atlantic Monthly 8, 1861. 15 pages long; challenging reading for 8th graders.
    •Turner, Nat
Brief biography, one paragraph.
    •Nat Turner's Rebellion
"Death or Liberty" site at the Library of Virginia

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