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What do you know about your ecosystem?

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Pedroni, Leilani. Lioness Video. 2003. My eCoach® eLibrary. Online. Available. 1 April 2004.

|  Desert  |  Grasslands  |  Polar Ice  |  Temperate Forest  |  Tide pools  |  Tropical Rainforest  |

Working with another student, choose one ecosystem to research. Answer the following questions surrounding the ecosystem you chose:
1. What are the traits?
2. Where are some of these ecosystems found?
3. What plants and animals are found there?

    •Examples of Desert Animals
    •What is a desert?
Within this link, you will be able to answer the following questions: What is a desert? What are examples of hot desert? Cold desert? What are examples of desert animals? Plants?
    •Enchanted Learning
What is a grassland?
    •Tropical Grassland
How are savannas related to grasslands?
    •MO Botanical Gardens' website
Contains examples of animals and descriptions of their physical traits and lifestyle habits
    •Grassland/Prairie Plants
    •The Steppe
Prairie in the U.S. and Asia
Polar Ice
What is tundra? What kinds of plants and animals are found at the North Pole?
    •Kids Planet
This web page describes the polar bear in great detail.
    •A to Z Kids Stuff: Polar Animals
You will find different polar animals at this site.
Temperate Forest
    •Smoky the Bear - Facts
Tide pools
This website lists seashore plants and animals.
    •Tidepools: Window into the sea
What is a tidepool? What types of creatures live there?
Tropical Rainforest
    •Rainforest Overview
This site should give you information such as: What is a tropical rainforest? What are some examples? What kinds of animals/plants would you find?
    •Animals of the Rainforest
Rainforests around the world.

|  Desert  |  Grasslands  |  Polar Ice  |  Temperate Forest  |  Tide pools  |  Tropical Rainforest  |

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