California Missions

What was life like in California Missions during the 1700's?

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You will need to do the following to complete your Mission's Project.

1. Choose one or more websites below to research your specific mission.

2. Take notes on the: a. history and description of your mission, b. daily life in the mission. Use your notes to write a paragraph for each.

3. Look at the pictures of your mission to help you draw an illustration on paper to be scanned later.

    •California Mission Internet Trail
Once you get to this web page, scroll down and click on your mission.
    •California Missions Studies Assn.
This site gives you specific people who lived in the missions.
    •More California Mission History
Scroll down the page and find your mission to get information.
    •Who Created the Missions?
Click on the Spanish Missions of California image to go to the web site. Use the blue arrow key on the bottom right of the page to learn more about missions.

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