Angel Island

Paradise or Peril?

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Stacy Desideri

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The bell on Angel Island

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Welcome to Angel Island. If you came here, you are looking for a better life; one of riches and opportunities in the land of the Golden Mountain. Angel Island is your last barrier between your past and your dreams of a better future. But is Angel Island the angel of your dreams? Maybe not. Explore the following websites to discover what Angel Island has represented to the people who traveled there.

Immigration Station
    •Angel Island Immigration Station
This website gives a complete history of the experience of emigrating to Angel Island.
    •Pacific Immigration
This website gives a nice overview of why so many Chinese citizens chose to travel to America.
One Voice
    •Angel Island: Li Keng Wong's Story
Visit this page to get a sense of what it was like to be a detainee on Angel Island.
    •Angel Island: Journeys Remembered
Read these accounts of triumphs and tragedies of Angel Island.
    •Angel Island Immigration Poetry
Telling poems written by overseas Chinese on the walls of the Angel Island Immigration station

|  Immigration Station  |  One Voice  |  Poetry  |

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