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Basic Evolutionary Theory

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Joshua Hurley-Bruno

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Using this list students will gather information regarding basic evolutionary theory. They will print and summarize their findings. Students will write an essay relating genetic variation and environmental factors to evolution and diversity of organisms. They will include Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection and state reasons why they agree or disagree with his theory.

    •Biological Evolution Jump Site
    •Evidence Supporting Biological Evolution
    •Issues in Evolution
This is a jumpsite to articles written by scientists. Some are very complex.
    •Online Encyclopedia - Evolution
    •Online Lessons: Learning Evolution
This is a series of online lessons which will help you understand different aspects of evolution
    •The Living Universe: Biological Evolution
    •Treatment of Biological Evolution, Earth History, and Cosmology in State K-12 Science Standards
This is an article explaining some issues which arise in public schools when teaching evolution.
    •Understanding Evolution
Brand new U.C. Berkeley site with spectacular information on evolution.
    •What is Evolution?

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