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What were the fashions of the 1700s?

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Revolutionary War Costumes


Men's and women's fashions were very different during the 1700's. Fashion defined who you were and your station in life. Research what was fashionable during the 1700's. Illustrate each garment, and write a description that includes when it might have been worn, by whom, and any interesting information you find. This needs to be a detailed research project with illustrations.
Alternative project: Research and describe uniforms of the British Army or the Continental Army. Describe the clothing and tools associated with a particular soldier, and be detailed and precise. The same written research will need to be described for this project.

    •Revolutionary War Costumes
This site describes the dress of American men and women during the Revolutionary War period from 1770 to 1780. Five categories of clothing are included: Menís military wear, menís formal attire, menís work attire and everyday wear, womenís formal attire, and womenís work and everyday wear.
    •U.S. Army Rank Insignia: The Later Revolutionary War Era / 1780
In June 1780, Gen. Washington issued orders on uniforms and insignia from his New Jersey headquarters. The Army expected to join forces with French troops soon and Washington wanted the Americans to give the appearance of the fine soldiers they were. This site has pictures of the uniforms worn by soldiers different ranks.

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