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Creating and Using Podcasts In and For the Classroom

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The following Web resrouces will help you learn more about podcasting.

Creating your Podcast
    •Apple Support--GarageBand
Using GarageBand to create podcasts (Auditory, Enhanced and Video)
    •Creating Video Podcasts on OS X
QuickTime 7 video podcast creation
    •Engadget Podcast 001
    •How to Create Your Own Podcast--A Step by Step Tutorial
Creating Audio Podcasts
    •How To Podcast
Enzine's podcast tutorial
    •How to Podcast--4 Basic Steps
Simple step-by-step guide
    •Learning Podcasting
Creating a basic podcast
    •Podcast Tutorial
Creating audio podcasts for RSS feed
Podcast Information
Wikipedia's information on podasting
    •Podcasts in Education
Apple's information on Podcasting
Podcasts Online
    •Apple's Podcasts
Podcasts on the Apple site
    •BBC Podcasts
BBC Radio podcasts
    •Colonial Williamsburg Podcasts
Colonial Williamsburg Web users now have Podcasts, delivered as RSS feeds. The popular, downloadable audio files are here featuring special interviews and presentations available only to our Web users. Listen to programs on your computer, or download and listen later on your MP3 player. Lloyd Dobyns is your host as you go “behind the scenes” to meet interpreters, chefs, tradesmen, musicians, historians, curators, and more. Check back often. New Podcasts are added weekly.
    •Monticello Podcasts
These podcasts explore Thomas Jefferson, his life and history as well as Monticello the estate.
    •Podcast Directory
Listing of podcasts you can access online
    •Smithsonian Podcasts
Podcasts about a variety of the Smintsonian's exhibits
    •The Boston Freedom Trail Audio Tour/Podcast
Boston is both full of history and a walkable city, and the Freedom Trail is a relatively quick and easy way to visit a number of historic sites while getting some exercise at the same time. Enjoy the two and a half mile tour and 14 sites along the way at your own pace with Boston.com’s audio tour / podCast. Playable in any portable MP3 device, you can download the tour as one file, or as separate chapters right here.
    •Yahoo Podcasts
Yahoo's podcast directory

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