What is the Maya Civilization?

Exploring the Ancient Mayan & Mayan Culture Today

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Maya Monument

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Come join in the adventure of discovering Ancient Maya civilization and compare it to modern Maya.

Ancient Mayan
    •Maya Adventures
The Science Museum of Minnesota presents Maya Adventure, a World-Wide Web site that highlights science activities and information related to ancient and modern Maya culture.
    •Why do Civilizations Fall?
Learn what happens when a society collapses and how archaeologists find and interpret evidence through hands-on activities.
    •La Cultura Maya (The Mayan Culutre)
This web site includes geography, legends, history, archeology and photos of Ancient Maya.
    •The Ancient Maya - Irene Flum Galvin
A detailed look at the Maya from ancient times to the present.
    •The Modern Maya: A Culture in Transition
Review of modern Maya through photographs.
    •The Corn Grows Ripe - Dorothy Rhoads
Story about a young Mayan boy growing up in Mexico's Yucatan peninsula.
    •Aztec, Inca & Maya - Elizabeth Baquedano
A Dorling Kindersley (DK) Eyewitness book containing information about the Aztec, Maya, and Inca through numerous images and photographs.
Modern Mayan
    •Hunt for Maya Culture
An Internet Treasure Hunt on Maya Culture.
    •Yucatan Today - Mayan and Yucatan Culture
Overview of Mayan and Yucatan culture and lifestyle today through this travel guide.

|  Ancient Mayan  |  Books  |  Modern Mayan  |

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