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These resource lists provide links to different multi-cultural resources for teachers and students, with an emphasis on literature.

African American Writers
    •African American Writers: A Celebration
This resource provides links to sites for African American writers, broken down in different categories, including women, poetry, popular fiction, screenwriting, and romance.
Asian American Literature
    •Asian American Literature for Young Adults
This bibliography lists resources in Asian American literature, including fiction, nonfiction, criticism, biogrpahy and poetry.
Diversity in Literature
    •Multi-cultural voices
Gives review of multi-cultural authors.
    •Multicultural education paths
This site provides a wide array of resources for students and teachers, broken down by different ethnic groups.
    •Berkeley Public Library Teen Services
This site directs readers to all types of literature for teens.
Ethnic Women
    •Voices From the Gaps: Women Writers of Color
This web site features women writers representing a broad spectrum of ethnicities, including African American / Arab American / Arab Canadian / Asian American / Asian Canadian / Caribbean American /Chicana/Latina / First Nation (Canada) / Indian Canadian / Indigenous/Native American
Native American Literature
    •Native American Authors--Teacher Resources
This site focuses on the literature of Native Americans, sorted by authors, topics and lesson plans.

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