What are the functions of roots, stems, and leaves?

Descriptions and examples of various roots, stems, leaves and their functions.

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Lewis,Gaye. 2000 Year Old Tree.2000yroldredwoodtree.jpg. 2004. My eCoach eLibrary. Online. Available. 12 July 2006


In their life science studies, third graders will study the various types and functions of the roots, stems, and leaves of plants. All types of plants, both woody and herbaceous, will be considered.

plant functions
    •The Great Plant Escape
Children will work with Detective LePlant to learn about plant functions, then be asked to solve "mysteries" using the information they studied.
plant labs
    •teachernet/biology/plant lesson plans
Various lesson plans are available for labs involving the flowers, roots, and seeds of plants.
    •discoveryschools/teaching tools/worksheet generator
great resource for worksheets and assessment in science and math

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