Perspective Drawings

What do artists think about parallel lines that never meet?

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How is the depth of the railroad tracks achieved?


Perspective is a technique that artists employ to show solid objects and spatial relationships on a flat surface so that they appear true-to-life. Exploring the links below will help you learn how to make a three-dimensional drawing on a two-dimesnsional surface look quite real.

After examining (in order) the links below, you will be ready to make a one-point perspective drawing.

Draw a room and include at least 4 items in the room such as a table, door, ceiling tiles, etc. Try to be creative and have fun! Don't let reality get in the way-this might be an imaginary room.

    •Cinderella The Interactive Geometry Software
Start by briefly exploring this interactive program that allows you to "resize a house" by altering a few lines.
    •Drawing in one-point perspective
Be prepared to spend some time closely examining the introduction and 11 steps with instructions laid out by Harold Olejarz.
    •New Perspective Systems
Ready for a challenge beyond one-point perspective? Take a peek at this site and be introduced to complex perspective systems such as five and six-point perspective by Dick Termes.

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