Photo Editing in Photoshop Elements

Basics of Photo Editing

Created by,
Linda Ullah

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Ullah, Isaac, "Linda's Mendhi Hand." January 2006, Dhaka Bangladesh

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This Web Resource list is an attempt to ogranize resources for a workshop in Photoshop Elements.

    •PhotoShop Elements Resources and Tutorials
Online bookmarks for many Photoshop Elements tutorials and resources.
    •Photoshop Elements Support
Resources for Photoshop Elements
    •Bridges Photoshop Elements Tutorial
Elements Tutorial
    •Elements 2 Palettes
Information on layers, color palettes, filtering,etc.
    •PhotoShop Elements Basics
Guide to PhotoShop Elements 2 (PSE)
    •PhotoShop Elements Tutorial
A well organized, logical, easy to follow tutorial
    •PhotoShop Elements Tutorials
PhotoShop Elements Tutorials
    •PhotoShop Elements2 Toolbar
A good diagrame of the tool bar with clickable information about each tool
    •Guidelines for Selecting Approrpriate Image Formats
Microsoft's guide to image types
    •Image Formats
There are 44 different image formats. This is semi-technical information on some of them.
    •Image Style Formats
Wikipedia's information on image types.
    •Picture Formats
jpg, gif, png information
    •Why Are There So Many Image Formats on the Web
Somewhat technical information on the most common image formats.

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